Dear All,

if you so happen to be KL area today, pls come join our Flash Mob at the Pavillion at 5pm TODAY!!

we are doing this in conjuction with the Merdeka Day. We are getting those who did KL Freeze last year to come too!

This is the flow of event:

1st gig: 3 beatboxers and 1 singer/rapper will lead the crowd to sing along. There will be no rehearsal required from the people who are present that day (just need to be responsive and interactive to the song/beats =)). The singer will guide the crowd. However, flash mobbers need to be SOMEWHERE NEAR the fountain area around 4:50pm. When the beatboxers start their freestyle/intro beatbox, crew members will need to crowd the fountain area very quickly. Rest of the public will follow.

2nd gig: We will stand straight (sorta like freezing) with arms by our sides and sing the Negaraku. If it doesn’t rain on that day, we will divide the crowd into 4 quadrants (around the fountain) and each quadrant will sing 2 lines from the Negaraku. There will be no modifications (i.e. tempo change, addition of beatboxing, etc) into this gig (both you and I know that it’s illegal). After this, we will just disperse into our own way/direction unsuspectingly. We will not clap (because it’s really weird for a flash mob to be clapping at their own gig).

1. Flash mobbers must dress in EITHER of the following colours T-shirts: (1) RED; (2) BLUE; (3) YELLOW; (4) WHITE
2. If flash mobbers have matching caps/hats/headgear, put them on as well.
3. For flash mobbers who choose to have the Malaysian flag painted on their cheeks or face, they’re highly welcomed. After all, we only get to do this once a year :)

For more info, pls click on these URL:



Come on peeps, support us-CausePlay.SPREAD THE WORDS!!

~Peace & Love

helping my cousin spreading this event to promote patriotisme n unity...