Mama berani 'bet' ramai blogger suka join contest, nak-nak contest yang menawarkan hadiah yang best!! so Mama nak share another contest yang bagi Mama sangat simple walaupun tak sesimple contest Mama dulu..

contest nie dianjurkan oleh MamaMillie, alaaaa yang kes kucing tiruan tu... anyway, dia anjurkan contest nie bersempena her 100th entry.. Mama just copy paste dr entry dia je la ye.. tetiba kemalasan melanda jiwa untuk construct ayat sendiri.. hehe

The terms & conditions of entering are:

1) A Malaysian residing in Malaysia (kalau menang photo shoot tapi tinggal kat Australia ke, susah pulak kan he hee)
2) My adik-beradik and ipar-duai tidak dibenarkan menyertai contest ini :P
3) Have own blog (remember..the other prize is a blog makeover..?)
4) Follower of A SOHO Mama's Diary (so click on FOLLOW now!)
5) Fan of AZ Gift Baskets Facebook page (easy - just click on Become A Fan on that page) OR Follower of AZ Gift Baskets on Twitter (lagi senang ni - click je Follow)*either or lah ni, sebab ada yang takde akaun Twitter*
7) One entry per person, please :)

Done all of the above? Good! Now the following step. How to get those prizes? You just have to:

1) Copy and paste this contest badge on to your blog, along with a short entry on why do you read this blog of mine . Short entry only :)

2) Then hop over to www.azgiftbaskets.com.my, have a quick glance through and in your entry, tell us which gift category or which particular gift/gift baskets that you like most.
3) Lastly please leave a comment here to say that you've done your entry..so I can jot down that YOU are in the running for this :)

Easy peasy so far, right? Don't forget to link this contest entry into your blog so other people can join in, too!

This contest will start now 28 Dec 2009 and will end 12noon, 15 Jan 2010. Method of selecting the 2 winners:
1) Let my kids do cabutan pemenang! I'm sure they'll have fun doing this.
2) Two draws..meaning one for blog header prize & another person will win photoshoot prize :)

Prizes are:
1) I love simple but pleasant blog layouts..and I love my new layout! So, I'm "sharing the love" and giving away a FREE Blog Makeover by Jiji as the first prize. Worth RM100 and includes;
- 1 Header
- 1 Template
- 1 Blog Badge
- 2 Blog Pins 125x125
- 2 months ad in Triple Colour Life (worth RM50..this is courtesy of Jiji herself!)

2) I still have not fully explored my 37th birthday present from The Hubby, a Canon EOS1000D but I admire those, especially mommies (and daddies) who can really capture awesome moments with their cameras. So, the second prize is a photoshoot package worth RM50 by Deep Blue Lense. Package details:
- 1 to 2 hours
- 100 to 150 shots (+ 50 edited pictures, in CD)
- photoshoot location around Putrajaya or Shah Alam



Unknown said...

Thanks, Mama Emma! Setakat ni 15 penyertaan dah..alhamdulillah la, first contest..ok ler tu :)
Esok last day!

Emma said...

soho mama: 15 penyertaan tu kira ok la.. x pening kepala nak pilih winner (eh, tp nnt anak2 u yg buat cabutan kan, xde la pening)