those attached layout was MBS latest successfull makeover... syukur sbb semua customer mama happy dgn product yg dpropose...

u can read their full story here...

*mdgaragasales belum launch lg, so jgn tkejut ye.. once dah launch, mama buat promo kat sini...


yatie chomeyl said...

ehem ehem...panjang lagi ke Q nih hehehe

Emma said...

yatie chomeyl: yatie, kalau nak tunggu Q surut, rasanya mmg xde kot buat masa skrg.. y don't u place ur order my filling d order form?

Nanak said...

tetiba i nak buat itu ini..wahaha..
emma, thanx la sbb layan perangai i ni..kejap nak itu, ini la..huhuhu..

Diver Mom said...

oh.. blog nanak.. :) cantik! :)

yg blog life is a box of choc tu pun cute.. anggun! :)

Emma said...

nanak: sementara i baik hati nie, i layan je.. tp in future kot2 mai angin kedekut i, i charge giler2 aaa... haha.... nnt i buatkan k....

zuhaini: blog nanak tu, lovey dovey.. blog hafizahhamid tu, ala2 iklan coklat mahal.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

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